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Isabelle Rupani
New UK Online Safety Bill Can Put Social Media Executives in Jail

Isabelle Rupani
How Social Media Uses Addictive Algorithms to Keep Kids Online

Social media algorithms can be addictive to anyone, but the impact on children's developing brains is especially significant. How can you limit social media addiction in the age of the algorithm?

Allan Chua
Gryphon Online Safety Makes Strategic Move with New Board Member from Barracuda Networks

Isabelle Rupani
Ensuring Digital Security in the New School Year

Back-to-school is not just about purchasing new stationery or textbooks. As parents, it's also about setting our kids up for success, which in today's age means ensuring their digital environment is safe and conducive for learning.

Gryphon Online Safety Inc.
What Is WiFi 6? A Complete Guide to the Newest Home Networking Trend

Isabelle Rupani
How Do Recent Advances in AI Impact Your Home Security?

Isabelle Rupani
Why Mesh WiFi is a Game Changer for Modern Homes

While traditional routers have served many households well for years, they often come up short in delivering consistent coverage across a large or multi-story space. This is where mesh WiFi systems come into play. 

Isabelle Rupani
Gryphon AX Featured on Good Morning San Diego

On July 23rd, the Gryphon AX was featured on Good Morning San Diego by Bruce Pechman, the "Muscleman of Technology"! Pechman is a Gryphon user himself, and had this to say about Gryphon...

Isabelle Rupani
Can a Smartphone Improve Your Mental Health?

Is it possible to use our phones as tools to help our well-being rather than harm it? In this article, we'll explore various ways to leverage your phone to actually improve your mental health.