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Isabelle Rupani
AI Companions: What Parents Need to Know

AI companions are intelligent computer programs that can chat with us, learn from us, and support us emotionally. They can take the form of chatbots, virtual assistants, or even digital friends.

Isabelle Rupani
Screen Time – A Modern Hazard

Excessive screen time has become synonymous with modern living, bringing with it a myriad of negative effects on mental health. The constant stream of information and notifications also plays a role in exacerbating stress and anxiety.

Isabelle Rupani
5 Tips for Healthier Screen Time in 2024

Ample research have shown that excessive screen time can have negative effects on our health, well-being, and relationships.  As we enter a new year, it’s a great time to develop some healthier internet habits together with our family.

Here are five tips on how to set better screen time boundaries for yourself and your loved ones:

Isabelle Rupani
Winter Wellness: Indoor Activities to Boost Children's Mental Health

Winter brings a unique set of challenges for keeping children engaged and mentally healthy. Here are some indoor activities that will help keep your kids healthy through the colder months.

Isabelle Rupani
Enhancing Holiday Home Security with Gryphon

The influx of guests on your network, the rise in online shopping, and the increase in screen time as kids come home from school all make this the perfect season for falling prey to cyber threats. Gryphon routers, with their suite of advanced security features, provide the perfect solution for a worry-free holiday seas

Isabelle Rupani
5 Tips for Reducing Kids' Screen Time Over the Holidays

Worried about keeping your kids off their screens this holiday season? Learn how to set better boundaries, encourage alternative play, and more with these 5 quick tips.

Isabelle Rupani
How to Block Pornography on Kids’ Devices

There a great article from the Good Men Project on how you can block porn on kid's devices. 

Allan Chua
Gryphon's Award-Winning Container-Based Application Transforms Network Management, Parental Controls, and Cybersecurity

Gryphon proudly unveils its groundbreaking Container-Based Application for Network Management, Parental Controls, and Network Cybersecurity.

Isabelle Rupani
Halloween and Cybersecurity: Unmasking Digital Ghosts

When we think of Halloween, images of pumpkins, haunted houses, ghosts, and witches come to mind. However, there's also another kind of specter we should be wary of...