Advanced Parental Controls provide
online safety and digital well-being.

Protecting Your Kids

User and Device Management

Assign devices to individual profiles for each child.

Content Filtering

Filter content by age or personalize to your family’s needs.

Daily Screen Time Limits

Limit daily usage of video games, devices, apps, and website access.

Daily Internet Schedules

Limit access to distracting websites and apps during homework, bed time, or internet breaks.

View Web Browsing History

View web browsing history even when your child deletes it.

Manage Screen Time Requests

Allow or deny screen time requests in real-time OR reward additional time for chores or good behavior.

Manage your family and their devices from one central, easy-to-use app.

The free Gryphon Connect app works in tandem with your Gryphon router, allowing you to manage every device on your network right from your phone. Implement parental controls, monitor your network security, and keep an eye on your kids’ Internet activity no matter where you are.  

We're innovating screen time management.

Gryphon allows parents to set daily screen time limits and also limit use of each app, website, and device. It's the ONLY device that offers this capability.

No more worries about your kids playing XBOX or watching YouTube videos all day.

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Content filtering based on user's age
Security from hackers and privacy threats
View website browsing history
Set bedtimes and homework times
Suspend the internet
Manage access to apps and websites

Content filtering based on user's age

All the support you need, with 1.2 million blocked sites stored locally on Gryphon, and aggregated website reputation ratings from multiple sources including other parents.

Security from hackers and privacy threats

With Gryphon Premium Protection, every user and device in your network is protected 24/7 from intrusion by hackers and dangerous malware. No software installs needed. Just simple, but powerful total protection and peace of mind.

View website browsing history

Gryphon helps ensure a brighter future for your kids by monitoring their browsing history, even if they delete it.

Set bedtimes and homework times

No more nagging, negotiating or wiggle room. Gryphon helps you schedule screen time in the run up to automatically shutting off their internet for bedtime.

Suspend the internet

Literally. Just a touch of a button allows you to take complete control of the internet, giving you instant and non-negotiable family time.

Manage access to apps and websites

Block access to apps and websites or prevent access during homework and bedtime.