Our mission is to help families create
healthier relationships with technology.

About Gryphon

Our vision

Give parents the power to control the tech in their lives.

At Gryphon, we believe that you should be in control of your technology—not the other way around.Our router system was designed by parents, for parents, to provide you with effective parental controls and simplified network security.

Our CEO John Wu was inspired to start Gryphon when his daughter stumbled upon inappropriate content just Googling “princesses.”  He noticed that existing parental controls technology was often unintuitive, unwieldy, and worst of all, ineffective. Most systems were difficult to use and easy to bypass. 

Gryphon became the solution. The unique router system solves both these problems by making your parental controls inseparable from your Internet access. Now, using the Gryphon Connect app, you can block websites, set time limits, and monitor usage for any device on your network. Because the controls are connected to your router, they can’t be turned off without shutting off your Internet entirely. 

Gryphon is your tech partner. That protects you from tech.

We understand that technology can present challenges at any time.

Which is why our renowned Customer Support team is here for you every day of the week. They’ll stick by you until they’ve helped resolve the issue—whether it leads back to your Gryphon or not. 

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Trusted by more than 50,000 families worldwide.

"Technology has made society vastly more accessible both positively and negatively. While we love to share our photos with extended family, we also want to keep our children safe from inappropriate material. Gryphon allows us to customize our content restrictions... Our children range from 1 to 21 so being able to assign devices including different televisions to different children and then restrict has made life easier."

Emily & Family
Gryphon Customer

Blocked more than 16.5 million malware threats and potential cyber attacks.

New cyber threats are happning every single day. But with daily updates to our security database, Gryphon provides families nearly real-time protection against even the latest threats.

Over 380,000 connected devices secured from hackers and privacy threats.

Gryphon secures every connected device in your home from hackers and privacy threats. You can also prevent devices from connecting without your permission using the Gryphon Connect app.