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Isabelle Rupani
Using a Password Manager to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

We all know that strong passwords are important, but most people still continue to use ineffective and old passwords, How can you manage your passwords in a way that is both simple and secure?

Isabelle Rupani
Securing Your Home Office in the Age of Remote Work

Working from home? Securing your home office is essential. And remember—it's never too late to start thinking about your personal cybersecurity.

Isabelle Rupani
Safeguarding Your Digital Home During National Cybersecurity Month

National Cybersecurity Month Spotlight: From safeguarding personal data and ensuring our children's online safety to keeping software updated, discover key steps to fortify your home's digital defenses. Stay informed and proactive in this digital age.

Isabelle Rupani
Building a Fortress: The Anatomy of a Secure Wi-Fi Router

Isabelle Rupani
New UK Online Safety Bill Can Put Social Media Executives in Jail

Isabelle Rupani
How Social Media Uses Addictive Algorithms to Keep Kids Online

Social media algorithms can be addictive to anyone, but the impact on children's developing brains is especially significant. How can you limit social media addiction in the age of the algorithm?

Allan Chua
Gryphon Online Safety Makes Strategic Move with New Board Member from Barracuda Networks

Isabelle Rupani
Ensuring Digital Security in the New School Year

Back-to-school is not just about purchasing new stationery or textbooks. As parents, it's also about setting our kids up for success, which in today's age means ensuring their digital environment is safe and conducive for learning.

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What Is WiFi 6? A Complete Guide to the Newest Home Networking Trend