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Family Tech Zone

Gryphon Product Review by Family Tech Zone

"When I attend CES, I love to stop by smaller booths and find out what their product is all about. A couple of years ago I stopped by a super small booth at a private press event for a product called Gryphon. The owner of the company was manning the booth, and I had a chance to talk to him about his new wireless router. After our brief conversation, I could NOT wait for his product to be released.
He showed me some amazing parental controls baked right into the wireless router, and I was SOLD. I have used a ton of different wireless routers, and none of them have really gotten parental controls right yet. So, I have waited patiently for the Gryphon to come out for the last couple years, thinking that surely another router would figure it out before this one hit the market. I was wrong, and I am super happy that I was.
First, this is not a sponsored post. I WAS given one Gryphon router to facilitate this review, but honestly, I’m about to purchase a second one for my home because I like it so much..."

Mommys Block Party

Gryphon Product Review by Mommy's Block Party

"Thanks to Gryphon for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.
Let me just start this by saying... I am so, so ready for school to start and Aiden to get off his devices. This mom is over it! We have time limits and restrictions, but it's so much harder in our house during the summer. We stay busy and are out a lot, but Aiden does spend way more time on his electronic devices. This is where Gryphon comes in to help me keep my sanity! If this is something your family struggles with, then you definitely want to keep reading. Gryphon has made a world of difference in just a week of use...and Aiden is not even fussing about it!
My Gryphon unit arrived in very nice packaging with lots of information right on the box. I was excited to open it up and get started. Aiden was, well not as excited!! I had already told him what was coming and what it would mean once it arrived and we had it up and going. He was less than thrilled to see this come into our house..."

PC Mag Logo

Gryphon Product Review by

"Bottom Line: The Gryphon Smart WiFi Mesh System is a solid performer that offers extensive parental controls and comes with built-in anti-malware protection and an intuitive mobile app..."


Gryphon product review by Fatherly

"It combines website screening, time-management, service pausing, malware protection, and more in one slim, easy-to-set-up package.
Parental control hardware is, in this day and age, as essential in your home as a toaster. The reasoning is simple: as our kids become more dependent on our devices, it becomes more necessary to set limits on screen time and enact measures to keep them safe while browsing online. There are myriad offerings to help with just that, from apps to routers and more. And there are a number of excellent options (you know we love you, Circle By Disney). But we have a new favorite piece of parental control hardware: the new Gryphon Smart WiFi Mesh Router. The sleek router offers everything we want in parental control software and more."

The Life She Has by Carol Jones

Gryphon product review by The Life She Has (Carol Jones)

"We have had a real problem this summer with screens. It seems like every time I look up the kids are playing a game or watching YouTube on their iPads. It’s so frustrating. They should be outside playing or reading but these little lighted devices have take over their worlds.
I decided to put an end to it. It’s hard, I know, to change the direction so quickly but it’s needed. I ended up getting the Gryphon (courtesy of the brand) and wow. It’s been pretty fantastic..."

Mom Does Reviews

Gryphon product review by Mom Does Reviews

"Back when my older kids were teenagers, internet was a dial-up connection, and email and browsing the web was just starting to be “a thing”, I controlled the internet by pulling the phone off the hook. Now, it’s not always that easy; but we still need to be able to monitor, protect, and even disconnect our family from the internet to keep them safe and present. Thankfully, now everyone can have easy internet restrictions with Gryphon..."

A Time Out For Mommy

Gryphon product review by A Time Out For Mommy

"Disclosure: A review unit was provided. All opinions are my own.
I'm not going to lie and tell you my kids are heavily limited on their devices. It’s summertime, and as many activities as we have lined up for the kids, we also have a lot of downtime where they just bum around until it’s cool enough to go outside, or until their next activity. Their devices also make great bargaining chips when their behavior is lacking, and since we are such a tech-forward family, if they get one device taken away, there’s always another at their fingertips. It was time to take some control back and enforce some rules around here..."

Mom Among Chaos

Gryphon product review by Mom Among Chaos

"We live in a scary time. A time where kids have access to adult things that are way over their heads. Nowadays kids have lives that we don't know about all thanks to social media. That all can change thanks to Gryphon Home Internet Protection.
I have parental controls on my children's phone just like most people. I also do a random check of my teenager's phone so she won't have time to go into let's delete all of this as fast as I can so mom can't see it.
Let's just say over her first year of high school I learned some pretty shocking things and she didn't have her phone most of the school year.
Gryphon Home Internet Protections, kids, children, safety, internet protection for kids, home protection
The Gryphon is a hack-proof secure router that will change your life. You will have control over what your children view, and anyone else in the household for that matter..."


"We were lucky to get these sent to us for review and it was easy to set up and pair our devices to it. My children were not happy when they lost access to the internet a few minutes before bedtime, but it got them to wash up and go to bed early. These unhackable routers will give me peace of mind knowing that my children's online access is protected and I can control what they have access to with the app on my phone. These mesh routers come in a one and two pack and they also serve as WiFi extenders, which is great in our place. The back rooms tend to suffer lag from the internet. Check out the Gryphon website for more information."