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How to Keep Your Kids Offline This Summer

Written by: Isabelle Rupani / June 06, 2023

It’s summer, and you don’t want your kids to spend the next three months on their phones and tablets. But children are especially prone to screen time addiction, and it can be a challenge to pry them away.

So how do you keep your kids offline without going crazy? Here are our best digital parenting tips and resources to help you through the summer.

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1. Limit access to addictive content

A good parental control system allows you to set up personalized screen time restrictions and block addicting content. Here’s our guide on how to break your child’s screen addiction.

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2. Provide offline activities

Getting your kids off their devices will be impossible unless you provide them other means of enrichment. Here are 6 offline activities to keep your kids off their screens.

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3. Create better screen time

Besides just forcing your kids off their screens, you can create opportunities for them to use their devices in healthy, educational ways. For instance, they can use their computers to learn how to code. You can even use these multiplayer online games to bond as a family!

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Make this summer a summer of offline fun. Learn more about balancing screen time with Gryphon’s parental controls!