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Frequently Asked Questions

Intro video on setting up your Gryphon for the first time
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My app does not pair with my Gryphon
1) Please make sure there is Internet service to the Gryphon WiFi router. 2) If you are using an Android phone, make sure it supports Bluetooth LE. 3) Make sure Gryphon is not already paired with another account (Gryphon will not blink if it's already paired). 4) If all else fails, please contact and we'll get right on it.
How do I make real time requests for unblocking sites or delaying bedtime?
You can go to to request for a site to be unblocked, request for more time before bedtime, or end homework time. The Gryphon Connect app will receive a notification for the request.
Do I need to call my ISP before replacing their router?
No. You can replace your WiFi router without calling your ISP. However, if you will be replacing the cable modem, you will need to call your ISP for them to register the new cable modem.
What is the best location to setup Gryphon?
We designed Gryphon to be displayed in the open for better signal and coverage. We recommend you place Gryphon somewhere central in the home but out in the open to provide the best wireless signal for the entire home. If you are using wireless mesh with more than one Gryphon, then place the second Gryphon somewhere where it can receive a good signal from the main Gryphon for the best performance.
What mobile devices I can use to set up and manage Gryphon?
You can use either iPhone or any Android phone App to manage Gryphon. The mobile device needs to have data connection.
How many Gryphon devices do I need for my home?
Gryphon is a high powered WiFi router with six powerful internal antennas but it really depend on the house size and what you intend to cover. For a typical 2/3 bedroom house, a single Gryphon will be good. For 3-5 bedrooms, you will need two Gryphons. To cover the backyard as well, you may need an extra Gryphon. Also, if you have a three story home, two Gryphons are recommended. This is just a rough guide. The wall construction of the home is also a factor.
How to re-assign a device
In the Gryphon Connect App, click on the device to get into device details. Click on the Assigned User item. Select the new user to assign to.
What should I do if I get an alert about a site that's blocked due to malware?
There is no need to do anything. Gryphon has detected a site that the device is trying to access and has blocked access to protect your device. In some cases, the virus on an already infected device will be trying to contact it's server on a periodic basis. If the device is already infected, you should take it off the network and use a virus cleaning software to wipe the virus or in some cases, you will need to reformat your device.
How do I block or unblock web sites?
Gryphon blocks inappropriate content automatically based on age group. If you want to block a particular site that your child has visited, it can be done from browsing history feature in the app. Select the website to block from child’s browsing history (you will see an option to block). Click on block and it will be blocked for that user. If a site is already blocked, the Unblock option will be displayed. Click on Unblock to unblock the site for the user.
Is there any way to see what web sites my child is on when he's on the computer?
1) Open Gryphon Connect App - Select “Users” tab on the bottom row. 2) Select the child => two buttons will appear below (… button and pause button) 3) Select the … button. This will show user’s details and browsing history. 4) Make sure history is turned on in the user's profile.
How do you reset Gryphon?
On the back there is a hole next to the power plug labelled RST. Wait until Gryphon is fully powered up (about 90 seconds). Use a pin to push and hold the button for about 15 seconds. Then release. Gryphon will power down and then power back up fully reset.
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