Placing Parents in Control

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Protect, Monitor, & Control Your Kids Devices

For the first time, kids can be exposed to more danger just being at home. Devices on the internet run the risk of showing adult content or allowing communication with complete strangers. But now you can use Gryphon's patented parental control system to keep your kids safe.

Enforce Safe Search & YouTube

Turning on Safe Search/YouTube hides inappropriate content for your child by automatically filtering their search engine results.

View (All) Browsing History

Gryphon helps stay aware of your child's activity by monitoring their browsing history, even if they delete it or use private browsing / incognito mode.

Set Bedtimes / Homework Times

No more nagging, negotiating or wiggle room. Gryphon helps you schedule screen time until automatically shutting off their internet.


The coolest feature is to allow or deny real time requests.

9 To 5 Toys

More than a router

Gryphon is a secure gateway to the devices within your home and gives you total control with ease.

Mesh WiFi System

Easy app interface to manage your wifi network, while having the ability to extend your coverage with additional units seamlessly.

Ultimate Coverage

Each Gryphon covers 3000 sqft of wall to wall coverage using 6 high powered antennas, 4x4 MU-MIMO, and Antenna Beamforming.

Intelligent Intrusion Detection

Automatically detects and disconnects from devices displaying abnormal behavior through machine learning techniques.

Malware Filtering

ESET technology identifies malware through a proprietary database--stopping malicious code before it ever gets through to a device.

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Digital Trends

Gryphon is  a plug-and-play alternative that gives parents more control over the internet access that takes place under their roof.

Many parental control devices attempt to ensure that intrepid children don’t circumvent protection through unplugging the device. With Gryphon, if you unplug the device there is no internet.


Gryphon uses machine learning to cut off devices if they start acting in unusual ways.


If your child feels they have a legitimate reason to visit a blocked website or stay online longer, you'll instantly have the ability to approve from any anywhere. Additionally, Crowd Ranking helps to see what other parents have decided.

Remotely Grant Requests



Stream content, play games online, download files and browse the web with 3Gbps fast throughput, Tri-Band Radio, 802.11bgn & AC 3000, and 2.4GHz / 5GHz capabilities.

Superior Speed

Constant Updates

Gryphon works for you around the clock, automatically fetching details of the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Pause the Internet

Turning on Safe Search/YouTube hides inappropriate content for your child by automatically filtering their search engine results.

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