30-Minutes of Tech With Sarah

Weekly Gryphon Webinar

Join us every THURSDAY from 9:00 am to 9:30 am PST on our Facebook page or YouTube Channel for a FREE live webinar where you’ll learn how to get the most out of your Gryphon.

  • Hosted by Family Tech Expert and Head of the Gryphon Support Team, Sarah Kimmel.

    Each week begins with 15-20 minutes covering the subjects scheduled below followed by an open Q&A when you can ask Sarah about anything and everything tech (even non-Gryphon related).


The best way to get your Gryphon system up and running

·  Installation
·  User setup with basic user settings
·  Connecting and identifying your devices
·  Recommendations and best practices


Using Gryphon's advanced parental controls

· Setting up user profiles
· Creating screen time schedules
· Setting daily screen time limits
· Viewing web browsing history
· Access control


A deep dive into Gryphon's app settings

·  Advanced network and WiFi settings
·  Backup and restore
·  Device cleanups


Gryphon Premium Protection Tour

Premium Security

·  Intelligent intrusion detection
·  Vulnerability scanning
·  Regional threat mitigation
·  Malware blocking
·  The GREATEST hardware warranty

Premium Parental Controls

·  Screen time schedules by device
·  Screen time schedules by app
·  Search Alerts
·  YouTube History
·  Listen to music during bedtime