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Gryphon ProCare+

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Complete family internet protection service.

The leader in family internet safety.


Blocked Malware Threats


Devices Secured From Hackers


Positive Customer Reviews

Trusted by over 50,000 families.

Great for families with kids and teens! I appreciate that I can now turn on/off Internet access to each individual device in our home. I can set different levels of blocking for each child - either by category or by specific sites or apps. 


This product has immensely helped to manage my kids internet time. Before, my kids were always sneaking on devices when they shouldn’t have been. It’s an easy tap of a button to shut them off. 


As a senior network engineer and cybersecurity expert I am exposed to a lot of firewalls/routers/NGFW and UTM appliances. So when I tell you something is great, you can bet it is great! ...right out of the gate Gryphon is incredibly hacker resistant, there just isn't anything to hack on it. 

- DON K.

"This product has been a life saver for our family... Our kids can no longer go to websites during class that I don't appove. Best product ever made!"


"The Best Parental Control Hardware Around."

"Performance meets protection."