Our Biggest Premium Protection
Subscription Update Yet 

The most requested parental control innovations. Military-grade password management. At the same great price.

Gryphon - Premium Protection - Premium Parental Controls

Set Specific Time Limits for Apps & Devices

The only screen time management system that allows invidual time limits for apps, smart devices, & video games consoles. 

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Gryphon - Premium Protection - YouTube History Tracking

YouTube History Tracking

View video titles searched and viewed by each user, even if they delete their browsing history or try to hide by using different email accounts.

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PASSPORT by Metasafe : Military-Grade Password Management App

PASSPORT Password Management App

Worry-free password management for your entire family. Secures your passwords from hackers with impenetrable data security.

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Premium Protection

Now Includes: 

  • Premium Screen Time Limits
  • YouTube History Tracking (Beta)
  • PASSPORT Password Management App
Gryphon - Premium Screen Time Limits

Premium Screen
Time Limits

Gryphon's award-winning Advanced Parental Controls are included free with every router. These tools promote healthier device usage for everyone in the home. But if you need even greater screen time control, Premium Screen Time Limits may be what you're looking for

These new features have been some of the most requested by Gryphon parents. Tools that allow you to customize exactly how each child spends their time online. Set a total screen time for the day... while making sure they don't spend the entire time allowance on TikTok, YouTube, or playing video games.

No other parental control device offers these innovative Premium Protection features.

Advanced Parental Controls
Premium Screen Time Limits
Included FREE w/ every Gryphon router.Included w/ Premium Protection Subscription.
Set daily screen time limits for each user.Includes all Advanced Parental Control features.
Limit access to specific websites and apps during homework time, bed time, and internet breaks.App & Website Time Limits:

Set daily time limits for individual apps and websites.
Prevent access to adult websites and inappropriate websites.Smart Device & Video Game Time Limits:
Set daily time limits for individual smart devices and internet-connected game consoles.

YouTube History
Tracking (Beta)

Only available for the Gryphon AX.

View user history of YouTube video titles searched and viewed through the Gryphon Connect app -- even if they delete their YouTube history or try to hide activities by using different email accounts. This allows for tracking for YouTube videos watched on phones, tablets, and computers.

YouTube History Tracking is another top parent-requested Gryphon innovation included with Premium Protection subscriptions that you won't find on any other parental control device.

Request Beta Access 

To access the YouTube History Tracking, which is currently only available for only Gryphon AX users, first update your router firmware.

Then, send an email to support@gryphonconnect.com requesting access to our Beta features.

Gryphon - Premium Protection - YouTube History Tracking

PASSPORT Password Management App

PASSPORT protects your passwords with virtually imprenetrable security, while syncing seamlessly across your devices, so you’ll never have to worry about remembering a password again.

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About Premium Protection

Gryphon's Premium Protection is an optional subscription service that takes your Gryphon’s advanced parental controls and built-in router security to the next level!

Login to the Gryphon Connect app and click the subscription link in the dashboard to subscribe and activate your protection.

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