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Gryphon Premium Protection

About Premium Protection

Gryphon's Premium Protection is an optional subscription service that takes Gryphon’s advanced parental controls and built-in router security to the next level!

Add next-generation firewall security for your home as well as on-the-go protection and extended parental controls for your smartphone and tablets.

Premium Protection

  • Block ads, adware, malware, spyware, and ransomware from all connected devices
  • Active monitoring of weaknesses on your network that hackers can exploit
  • Patented machine learning technology detects infected devices on your network
  • Real-time security database updates to block the latest threats
  • Extends Gryphon protection and parental controls to smartphones and tablets on mobile data and other WiFi networks (Gryphon HomeBound®)

Affordable Total Protection


Billed Annually

FREE trial period included with every new Gryphon Connect account.

Advanced vs. Premium Protection

Advanced Protection

INCLUDED with every Gryphon Router

Premium Protection

Optional subscription service for total peace of mind

Internet Security
Secure remote access to your router only through the Gryphon Connect app
Safe Guest network with limited internet access
Free security patches, firmware updates, and app updates
Filters ads, adware, malware, spyware, and ransomware on all devices and block access to dangerous phishing and scam websites
Get alerted to any infected devices and take them offline via the Gryphon Connect app
Get alerted to network vulnerabilities that could be compromised by intruders, including devices with weak passwords that could be easily hacked
Secure mobile devices when using mobile data and other WiFi networks
Personal Privacy Protection
Browsing history is only stored on your Gryphon router
Access to your router is only through your Gryphon Connect app and protected with end-to-end data encryption
Protects the privacy of your phones and tablets on mobile data and outside WiFi
Parental Controls
Block access to inappropriate websites
Daily screen time limits and internet use schedules
Limit access to distracting websites and apps during homework and bedtime
Extend parental controls to phones and tablets on mobile data and outside WiFi
Support & Hardware Warranty
Live customer support 7 days a week
1-year limited hardware warranty
Extended hardware warranty
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Login to your Gryphon Connect app and activate the benefits of Premium Protection. Protect every family member and device in your home from hackers and privacy threats.