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Before You Buy (Pre-Sale Questions)

Why should I choose Gryphon?


With over 20 years of experience in networking technology and security, the Gryphon co-founders led the team that invented the revolutionary MiFi mobile hotspot technology. As much as we appreciate the benefits and convenience of being connected, we also deeply understand the associated threats.

Will Gryphon work with my ISP?


Gryphon is able to work with almost every ISP. You might be required to register the device with your ISP, or use the ISP provided device to connect the Gryphon to the internet.

Will I need any additional hardware?


Everything you need is right in the box, however, if you need more internet ports, you may want to purchase a switch

Which Gryphon hardware should I get?


This depends on how much space you need to cover, and how fast your internet is.

Is Gryphon an American company?


Yes, Gryphon is based in San Diego, CA and its products are manufactured in Taiwan.

Are Gryphon routers impacted by the recent DNS spoofing nug?


No, Gryphon routers do not use the third-party code libraries which are vulnerable to this bug, therefore our systems have not been impacted. You can read more about this flaw here.

Installation & Setup

How do I contact support?


If you already own and use a Gryphon, you can contact support directly through the Gryphon Connect app. You can also reach support through our website by clicking the chatbox on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Gryphon Live Support is available 7-days a week from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST.

Phone Support: (480) 428-4016

For Pre-Sales questions, please email

Where should I place my hardware?


The best location to set up Gryphon is in an open space (as much as possible). We suggest avoiding closets, walls, metal frames, or nearby appliances like refrigerators. If you have more than one Gryphon, please make sure the repeaters are placed within 20-25 feet from the base and there are not many walls in between the base and repeater

Hardware Information

How do I perform a factory reset?


1.  Power on the Gryphon, wait for a minute. 

2.  While the Gryphon is powered ON, using a paper clip, press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds and release it. The reset button is inside the RST hole (next to the power connector socket). 

3.  You will notice that Gryphon LED is turned Off for couple of seconds and turn ON again as Gryphon reboots.

Gryphon Connect App (Software) Information

Do you have a website to manage the Gryphon router settings?


At Gryphon, we are very concerned with security. Web interfaces can open the device up to significant security risks. Because of this, we have decided to NOT have a web interface for our devices. You can manage the Gryphon through the Gryphon Connect app on any mobile device. 

How is screen time calculated?


Since Gryphon is responsible for active traffic coming into your network, screen time might be a little off from what you are expecting, and the sessions might not be cut off when you think they will or should. 

How this affects the schedule:For example, when watching a show on Netflix, the device will download the entire episode as it is playing. This is called a "buffer". So if the internet is cut off during the episode because the scheduled cut-off time has been reached, Netflix will still be able to complete the episode. Once the episode completes, if the device is out of screen time, it will not allow the device to play the next episode. This means that even though the bedtime is scheduled for 10 PM, Netflix could still be playing even at 10:45 PM, depending on how much of the show has already been downloaded to the device. 

How this affects screen time limits:Since the Gryphon has no access to see what the device itself is doing, it can only measure the traffic that is going through the device. In the Netflix example above, it would only calculate "time used" as the time the episode is actually downloading. For very high-speed internet service, this can be very quick for an hour-long episode. This means that if the episode downloads in 5 minutes, but is 2 hours long, only 5 minutes would be calculated as "time used". The Gryphon has no insight into how much of the show has been viewed or how long the show is, it can only manage active traffic going through the network.

In terms of website use, if you load a webpage and then never click anything or browse the site at all, the time used would only be measured by the time the website completely downloads. Some websites can continually refresh ads on-page and other items, so the downloading time could be anywhere from 2 seconds to constantly downloading new information. Again, the Gryphon only has insight into the traffic going through the network, since it doesn't have access to the device itself.