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Gryphon Connect App Update and Gryphon HomeBound® (Released on 07/15/2019)

Written by: Gryphon Support Team / July 15, 2019

The Gryphon HomeBound® utility app is now available to download and install on up to five smartphones from the App Store or Play Store. Try it free for three months.
Gryphon HomeBound® Features:·  All traffic on the mobile device gets routed back to Gryphon before going out to the Internet
·  Works for all parental control features and malware protection for the smartphone with HomeBound installed
·  Helps to encrypt your data and protect your privacy on public WiFi hotspots
·  Free for three months and then an introductory $4.99 per month
Gryphon Connect App Updates:
·  Set different daily schedules for bedtime or homework time – please go in and reset your bedtime schedules since this area is completely updated
·  Set Internet time limits per day
·  Add reward time for doing chores
·  Block ads for each user
·  Stealth mode option when internet access is blocked
·  Improvements to allow for manually adding websites to block lists and white lists
·  Security improvements for WiFi connected devices
·  Support for DDNS
·  Content filtering database update
·  Manage site access directly from the app
·  Browsing History enhancements