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04.0002.53 (Released on 07/14/2020)

Written by: Gryphon Support Team / July 14, 2020

·  Supporting DuckDuckGo safe search
·  IGMP snooping enable/disable. Enable IGMP snooping if you use any kind of streaming or mirroring from your computer to devices like Apple TV or Chromecast
·  IP conflict notifications. Send user notification in case of any IP conflict between specific IP requested by a new client device that is already allocated to another one
·  Ability to turn off the LED completely (24 hrs)
·  Fixed IP table rules issue ( Guardian). This fixes the issue of the long timeout for blocked sites
·  The extraction of the DB files issue is resolved. This fixes the issue with occasionally database extraction was failing after the Firmware update
·  Screen time bug fix for counting local data
·  Removing offline repeaters