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The New Gryphon Smart Wifi Mesh System Is the Best Parental Control Hardware Around

Written by: Gryphon Online Safety Inc. / August 06, 2018


Gryphon product review by Fatherly

"It combines website screening, time-management, service pausing, malware protection, and more in one slim, easy-to-set-up package.
Parental control hardware is, in this day and age, as essential in your home as a toaster. The reasoning is simple: as our kids become more dependent on our devices, it becomes more necessary to set limits on screen time and enact measures to keep them safe while browsing online. There are myriad offerings to help with just that, from apps to routers and more. And there are a number of excellent options (you know we love you, Circle By Disney). But we have a new favorite piece of parental control hardware: the new Gryphon Smart WiFi Mesh Router. The sleek router offers everything we want in parental control software and more."