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The Best Wireless Router With Parental Controls Built In: Gryphon

Written by: Gryphon Online Safety Inc. / September 24, 2018

Family Tech Zone

Gryphon Product Review by Family Tech Zone

"When I attend CES, I love to stop by smaller booths and find out what their product is all about. A couple of years ago I stopped by a super small booth at a private press event for a product called Gryphon. The owner of the company was manning the booth, and I had a chance to talk to him about his new wireless router. After our brief conversation, I could NOT wait for his product to be released.
He showed me some amazing parental controls baked right into the wireless router, and I was SOLD. I have used a ton of different wireless routers, and none of them have really gotten parental controls right yet. So, I have waited patiently for the Gryphon to come out for the last couple years, thinking that surely another router would figure it out before this one hit the market. I was wrong, and I am super happy that I was.
First, this is not a sponsored post. I WAS given one Gryphon router to facilitate this review, but honestly, I’m about to purchase a second one for my home because I like it so much..."