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Gryphon Home Internet Protection

Written by: Gryphon Online Safety Inc. / July 01, 2018

Mom Among Chaos

Gryphon product review by Mom Among Chaos

"We live in a scary time. A time where kids have access to adult things that are way over their heads. Nowadays kids have lives that we don't know about all thanks to social media. That all can change thanks to Gryphon Home Internet Protection.
I have parental controls on my children's phone just like most people. I also do a random check of my teenager's phone so she won't have time to go into let's delete all of this as fast as I can so mom can't see it.
Let's just say over her first year of high school I learned some pretty shocking things and she didn't have her phone most of the school year.
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The Gryphon is a hack-proof secure router that will change your life. You will have control over what your children view, and anyone else in the household for that matter..."
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