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Gryphon AX review: A security-focused mesh system

Written by: Gryphon Online Safety Inc. / December 16, 2021

Gryphon AX review: A security-focused mesh system

Written By: Samuel Contreras
December 10, 2021
What if a router company cared about your security as much as you do?
Gryphon makes mesh routers with a significant focus on security. That means Gryphon owners get malware blocking from ESET and 24/7 monitoring for all of their connected devices. You also get access to Gryphon Homebound, which allows you to easily use your home network as a VPN so you can ensure your internet is as secure as your home, even when you're on public Wi-Fi.
When it comes to raw performance, Gryphon falls behind many of its closest competitors in cost. But then again, that's not the point. Gryphon AX delivers plenty of speed for the vast majority of usage, including 4K streaming, work-from-home applications, and even large downloads. Of course, you're not going to get all of your gigabit connection on a single device, but you still get pretty close.