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5 ways you can help your kids balance screen time with healthy sleep

Written by: Gryphon Online Safety Inc. / January 31, 2019

Gryphon Write-Up by Business Insider

For physiological reasons (melatonin production, e.g.), screen time should end at least one hour before bedtime, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Ending tech time well before bedtime also allows for a smoother evening routine, and when there is a hard and fast cutoff time, kids won't engage in a battle of attrition: "Just ten more minutes! OK just five? OK just two!"

If your children have trouble sticking to the cutoff time, you can, ironically use technology to your advantage. You can use device and Wi-Fi management hardware like the Gryphon Wi-Fi Parental Control Router to block internet access to certain devices (or to temporarily shut down the Wi-Fi household wide) and to track device usage, controlling and monitoring your kids use of technology. (Circle also makes such a device that offers fewer security features than the Gryphon, but that does have a handy bedtime feature that works with your cutoff plan.)