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What Will Smart Homes Look Like 10 Years From Now?

Written by: Gryphon Online Safety Inc. / February 09, 2020

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Current smart home devices are primarily responsive to people’s commands, like checking the weather or playing music. But based on current trends, the IoT (Internet of Things) industry is steadily moving towards a future where smart devices will not simply follow through on requests, but anticipate and fulfill needs based on preferences and presets. For example, devices will potentially be able to predetermine things like the temperature people will want in their rooms, what antibiotics they might need, and more. 
This trajectory also means more new homes are being built with IoT technology, and researchers predict that 63 million American homes will be “smart” by 2022. With this increase in internet connectivity and automation in the home, there will also be an increase in technology’s access to personal information—leaving people’s private lives even more vulnerable to hackers. 
Gryphon Online Safety provides IoT device protection to accommodate this trajectory. Every connected device on the Gryphon network is protected 24/7. No software installs are needed on any of the devices in the home to be secure. When you’re Gryphon connected, you’re Gryphon protected. 
Portions of this content are a summary of an article published by TIME on July 25, 2019.
Learn more by reading the original article “What Will Smart Homes Look Like 10 Years From Now?” (https://time.com/5634791/smart-homes-future/) and/or visiting: https://gryphonconnect.com/internet-security/