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TikTok— over 500 million active users within 3 years

Written by: Gryphon Online Safety Inc. / February 25, 2020

TikTok—you may not have heard of it yet, but you will.
TikTok—you may not have heard of it yet, but you will. The video app, where users can upload and watch funny videos and interact with other users, seems to have taken over the internet! As with most social media, TikTok is wildly popular with young people, and while the app has age restrictions, they don’t verify users ages, so many younger children are using it as well. Knowing this, TikTok is releasing a “family safety mode,” which will give parents the option to exert a little bit more control over what their children are seeing and who they are engaging with on the app.
With this new model, parents can link their child’s TikTok to their own account and start protecting their children in three ways:
1.) Enable “restricted mode” which automatically blocks inappropriate videos.
2.) Block messages entirely, or allow messaging between their children and friends only.
3.) Set limits on how long their children are allowed to use the app.
Learn more about TikTok and how to set up parental controls for your children by reading the original article: TikTok ‘family safety mode’ gives parents some app control.  Click here to read the full article.

What can Gryphon do to help?

In addition to using the “family safety mode” from TikTok, you can also use Gryphon to completely block the app during Homework time.
This content is a summary of an article published by BBC on February 19, 2020