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PRESS RELEASE: Gryphon to Unveil Next-Generation Hardware Device at Exclusive In-Person Event in San Diego

Written by: Allan Chua / June 23, 2023

San Diego, CA – June 22, 2023 – Gryphon, a pioneering startup at the forefront of keeping children safe online, is thrilled to announce the upcoming unveiling of its highly anticipated next-generation hardware device. This exclusive event will take place on July 29th, 2023, in the vibrant city of San Diego, California.

Investors and individuals interested in learning more about the risks facing children these days, how to keep their kids safe and exploring innovative investment opportunities are invited to join Gryphon for an extraordinary showcase of education, technological advancements and opportunity.

This event promises to be a remarkable platform for networking, discovering Gryphon's latest breakthroughs, and gaining insight into the future of the tech industry.

"We are incredibly excited to reveal our next-generation product to the world," said John Wu, CEO of Gryphon. "This event marks a significant milestone for our company and showcases our commitment to constant innovation in cybersecurity designed specifically for families."

As an industry-leading startup with a proven track record, Gryphon has consistently impressed with its ease of use and commitment to protecting children online. This event will provide an exclusive opportunity for investors to witness firsthand Gryphon's growth trajectory, it's mission and capitalizing on the enormous potential of its technology.

The unveiling of Gryphon's next-generation hardware device will be accompanied by an engaging presentation delivered by the company's founder and CEO. Attendees will have the privilege of gaining valuable insights into the device's capabilities, its unique selling points, and the potential market impact it is expected to generate.

By attending this event, parents and investors will better understand the challenges facing the future of society, what little governments and large companies are doing about it, and how we can disrupt things to actually make a change.

Event Details:
Securing Our Digital Future: Gryphon's Enlightening Event for Parents/Investors

Date: July 29th, 2023
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: 8910 University Center Ln · San Diego, CA

Interested parties are invited to register for this exclusive event:

Click here to RSVP

Registration is limited, so early sign-up is strongly encouraged to secure a place at this groundbreaking gathering.


About Gryphon Online Safety, Inc.

Gryphon was founded as a family first cybersecurity solution with a mission to help protect children and families from internet threats.  The platform is protected by 8 issued patents and has won industry awards for product design by Good Design Award™ and Techaeris.   To learn more about Gryphon, visit


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