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Gryphon AX Featured on Good Morning San Diego

Written by: Isabelle Rupani / July 25, 2023

On July 23rd, the Gryphon AX was featured on Good Morning San Diego by Bruce Pechman, the "Muscleman of Technology"! 

Pechman is a Gryphon user himself, and had this to say about Gryphon:

"They're all about keeping kids safe online. That is their whole mantra. It's about keeping kids safe. This will keep your kids from device addiction, adult websites, inappropriate content, you can adjust the screen time... Their app is so easy to use. I use this at home."

"With the newer one... the Gryphon AX, you're going to get the best speeds and the best performance... It has the built-in firmware, so you don't have to go and hunt to see if your firmware's up to date. This will do it for you!"

Pechman expressed concern about the growing number of phishing scams involving AI and deepfakes.

"What really makes me scared the most... you've heard of deepfakes, with all this machine learning and AI... They can take your image, your voice. It's going to be a scary place out there. Try to protect yourself, folks."

Keep your kids – and yourself – safe online with Gryphon parental controls! You can shop the featured Gryphon AX today.