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How to Control Kids' Screen Time using a Parental Control WiFi Router

Written by: SEO / December 05, 2019

Every parent today wishes to protect their children from the threat posed by excessive exposure to web and cyber world. A Parental Control WiFi router is an excellent way...Infographic on How to Control Kids Screen Time with Parental Control WiFi Router

With advanced technology and the rapid rise of social media & video streaming platforms, keeping the kids safe on the internet is the primary concern that a large number of parents deal with. According to research conducted by commonsensemedia.org, the amount of time young kids spend on mobile devices has tripled, going from 15 minutes a day in 2013 to 48 minutes a day in 2017. These figures are only on an increasing curve since then.

What's the solution then?

WiFi routers are an excellent tool that can be used by the parents to not only manage their home's wireless networks effortlessly but also to keep an eye on the type of online content their kids have access to.
With excellent parental controls that a WiFi router can offer, parents can easily filter the web, blocking accidental access to inappropriate websites. From configuring parental controls on your WiFi router to using the parental controls with third-party software or Windows, there are multiple ways you can do this.


Although we are embracing technological advancement wholeheartedly, monitoring & supervising children on their easy access to internet-connected devices is becoming equally challenging for parents. 
If you've also been worried about your kids spending excessive time online instead of sticking to their routine, a high-quality parental control WiFi router is the solution you need immediately. It solves all your worries on how to monitor what your child does with Smartphones, tablets, or computers as it gives you excellent parental control to navigate your children's online safety.
Right from grouping multiple devices so you can pause whenever you want, turning on site blocking to creating specific internet access schedules with just a few taps, it covers it all.