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Citibank Email Scam

Written by: Gryphon Online Safety Inc. / January 27, 2020

Portions of this content are a summary of an article published by Fox News on January 23, 2020.
There is a new and dangerous scam hitting Citibank customers’ email inboxes in a hacker’s attempt to trick people into giving up personal data: first bank login information, then details like date of birth and social security number.
What makes this scam so believable?
First, the attackers went to elaborate efforts to make the email look like it was from Citibank. The design and content look genuine enough that there is no obvious reason for people to it give it a second thought—so they click on the link.
From there, people end up on a site where the scammers provided fields for customers to enter their information. The scammers even used standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate security measures to make it look as if Citibank took steps to protect their customers’ data, when really information was being stolen.
What is Gryphon doing to help?
If you are a Citibank customer, we are protecting you and your data from this scam targeting you by blocking connections to the scammer’s URL. So if you do accidentally click on a bad link, you won’t be able to get to the site.
But this scam isn’t the only one of its kind, and we have measures in place to protect you and your family every day from people out for your data. One of these steps we take is to automatically filter out from your browser dangerous malware attempting to gather your personal information (also known as phishing).
As a best practice to avoid scams like this, we recommend you avoid clicking on email or text links from your bank, even if it looks legitimate—call them to confirm.
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