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5 Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Your Digital Life

Written by: Gryphon Online Safety Inc. / March 19, 2022

Empty Your Digital Trash:

Empty the recycling bin on your desktop because nothing you delete is permanently gone until you’ve done so. All the old files, documents, and photos you no longer use will just linger on your hard drive taking up space and even putting you at risk of old files resurfacing. Remember, once you’ve taken the time to clean out and delete old files and downloads, finish the job by emptying your trash.

Declutter Your Mobile Devices

Delete unused apps you previously used or just test drove but are now just taking up space on your mobile devices. It’s also important to make sure apps you DO use are up to date because outdated apps are at risk for malware and viruses.

Clean up Your Online Presence

The security and privacy settings you agreed to when you first set up your social media account years ago are probably very outdated. Take some time to review these settings on all your social media accounts and online profiles to make sure you’re ok with how much you’re allowing to be shared and with whom. Also, review which accounts and apps location services are still activated for because it’s probably also been quite some time since you agreed to these.

Minimize Your Online Accounts

Delete any online accounts that you don’t actively use to reduce the odds of having your personal details be part of a data hack. Remove saved personal information in accounts that you don't use on a regular basis including credit or debit card details and addresses.

Use Unique Passwords (and Update Them)

Using the same password for all your accounts makes it easier for hackers to access your personal information and your accounts. Consider using a password manager to store and protect all your unique passwords and in an effort to keep your accounts even more secure look into using multifactor authentication (also known as two-step verification) on critical accounts such as your email and banking accounts. And since you’re doing some digital spring cleaning, consider updating your passwords.