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Protect kids from adult websites & excessive device usage. Secure the entire home from hackers, malware, & privacy threats.
Trusted by over 50,000 families.

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A Gryphon router isn't just a router.

It’s a hub for monitoring your kids online and your family's first line of defense against digital dangers.

Gryphon provides total protection against screen time addiction, adult websites, inappropriate content, hackers, & personal privacy threats.

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"The Best Parental Control
Hardware Around"
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Router Models

"The best place to provide internet safety is the device (router) distributing it into the home."
John Wu, CEO/Co-Founder
Gryphon AX

Up to 3,000 sqft of WiFi coverage

Gryphon Tower

Up to 3,000 sqft of WiFi coverage

Gryphon Guardian

Up to 1,800 sqft of coverage


Gryphon's got your home covered.

Choose a Gryphon model based on the size of your home, internet service speed, and number of connected devices.

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Upgrading your WiFi
has never been easier.

Gryphon makes it easy for anyone to upgrade your current router and experience WiFi you can trust.


Gryphon works with all types of internet services. Replace the router from your internet service provider or use with your modem/router combo.


Download the Gryphon Connect app (iOS and Android) to install Gryphon. Once installed, use the app to manage your Gryphon system from anywhere.


Setup profiles for your family members to manage screen time limits, device and app usage limits, and web content filters based on users' age.

Gryphon review by MacDirectory

There are few things that have been more of a blessing and a curse for parents than the internet. On one hand, it opens up a universe of age-appropriate learning and entertainment. On the other hand, that entertainment can be a distraction from learning... Gryphon found a unique solution that takes some tried and true techniques from enterprise IT and makes them accessible enough to manage for a non-techie. The result is one of the most family-friendly wireless routers on the market.

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Gryphon review by

The incorporation of Wi-Fi 6 makes the Gryphon AX the brand’s fastest router yet, with a 40% increase in Wi-Fi speed. A total of 4.3Gbps of wireless data throughput enables users to connect more devices without compromising speed or power, making it ideal for family and business use.

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Gryphon article by Business Insider

If your children have trouble sticking to the cutoff time, you can, ironically use technology to your advantage. You can use device and Wi-Fi management hardware like the Gryphon Wi-Fi Parental Control Router to block internet access to certain devices (or to temporarily shut down the Wi-Fi household wide) and to track device usage, controlling and monitoring your kids use of technology.

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Gryphon Review by

Gryphon routers are known for their robust parental controls, and the AX system lives up to the reputation. The easy-to-use options offer age-based filters for elementary-, middle-, and high-school students, as well as toddlers and adults. You can also choose an unfiltered setting. Toddlers can access only those sites on your whitelist, while the elementary-school category gets whitelist access plus an assortment of educational sites. Middle-school students have no access to social media sites, but high-school students do.

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