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Setup Daily Internet Screen Time Limits

Step One

Click USERS to access profiles. Click the user’s photo (or avatar) and then click the SETTINGS ICON beneath their photo. Click SCREEN TIME MANAGEMENT from the menu to access the Visual Calendar (Week) screen.

Step Two

Click the ALLOWED TIME (HRS) number beneath the day of the week you wish to edit. In the following Internet Schedule screen, click ALLOWED TIME and select the number of internet hours allowed per day.

Step Three

In the Internet Schedule screen, under Select Days, click additional days you would like to apply the screen time limit schedule to. When finished, click SAVE and then OK in the confirmation message to finish.

Step Four - DONE

Select the days of the week you want the schedule applied to. Click SAVE and YES in the confirmation screen to finish.


Repeat Steps One and Two to return to the Internet Schedule screen. Under Select Days, uncheck the day(s) you wish to remove internet time limits from. To finish, click SAVE and then OK in the confirmation message.