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Setup Daily Homework Time, Bed Time, & Internet Suspend Time Schedules

Step One

Click USERS from the app dashboard to access user profiles. In the Users screen, click the user’s photo (or avatar) to select their profile and then click the SETTINGS ICON.

Step Two

Click SCREEN TIME MANAGEMENT from the menu to access the Visual Calendar (Week) screen.

Step Three

In Visual Calendar (Week) screen, click a day/time area in the calendar to create a schedule for that day. This will take you to the Internet Schedule screen

Step Four

Click SET and then choose: Homework Time, Bed Time, or Suspend Time.

Step Five

After setting the schedule type, set the START and END times for that schedule. If scheduling Bed Time, you will also need to set the bedtime and wake-up times.

Step Six - DONE

Select the days of the week you want the schedule applied to. Click SAVE and YES in the confirmation screen to finish.