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4 Tips to Battle Screen Time Overload

Gryphon: 4 Tips To Battle Screen Time Overload

Kids’ screen time is expected to increase 5x due to COVID-19. How can parents help protect their children from excessive exposure to non-academic sites, and bring back balance?

Click to Download: Gryphon’s 4 Tips to Battle Screen Time Overload (PDF)

How to make learning Physics seem easy with Video Tutorials

Gryphon Online Safety - Digital Learning

When your child is connected to the internet, make the best use of their tech gadgets through video-based learning.

The following article was written by Jennifer Monroe:

All subjects taught in school are important, but Physics is arguably the most important of them all. That’s not an exaggeration, actually. If it’s not for Physics, how else could you have understood the inner workings of the universe? How could you have known how the planet we live in operates, or how light and darkness alternate? Without the understanding of energy and matter, how else could we have understood important aspects of our lives, including heat, sound, electricity, or even magnetism? It is only physics that helps us make sense of our surroundings and of our own existence.

With that being said, however, we must admit that Physics is an extremely tough subject to learn. Many students are unsure of the right books to read, which role models to follow, or what topics to begin with. The subject is so vast and complex that many learners feel intimidated by it. Ask any student in your neighborhood what they think of physics and they will most likely tell you that it is the subject reserved for the smart ones. But they aren’t entirely right. It is possible to learn and understand Physics regardless of how smart you think you are, provided that you find the learning method that works for you.

If you want to be a physicist but Physics is giving you nightmares, don’t give up just yet. Not until you try learning via video tutorials. There is a general consensus among science students that video-based learning is making everything about science seem easier and fun. Video grabs your attention and engages you in a way that traditional learning methods will not. They are crispier, shorter, and more elaborate than any other learning medium. That is why video tutorials are becoming widely accepted as a learning tool all over the world. In this post, we will explain further 4 ways how-to video tutorials will make Physics easy for you.

1. They are short and precise

According to most psychologists, the average student has an attention span of about 10 to 15 minutes. However, most high school classes are 30-45 minutes long, while university classes extend to 1-3 hours. Being in a Physics class for all that time can easily leave you more confused than learned.
The good thing with video tutorials is that they can be as long or as short as you need them to be. You can find a 5-minute video with all the information you need about a certain Physics concept. And you can also find a detailed 1-hour video with the same information. You can choose to watch one video per topic or as many as you can find.

2. Provides great visuals

Physics is both experimental and theoretical. You need an audio-visual or animated video if you are to understand the experimental part of the subject. If you want to learn how to connect an electric circuit, for example, it will be easier to watch a tutorial of someone connecting a circuit than looking at illustrational images and static explanation paragraphs in a book. A great source of learning science lessons through examples and practical work is through the Generation Genius website. There you will be able to see in reality how to conduct proper experiments step by step, as well as be able to go through the steps at your own pace. There, among other lessons, you will be able to learn the properties of the matter better by following video examples as well as engaging in discussion, DIY activities, assessments, etc.

3. They facilitate thinking and problem-solving ability

Video learning is both engaging and insightful. They communicate scientific ideas and relay concepts in small, easy-to-understand chunks. A video tutorial engages multiple senses, bringing you into the moment (the here and now). Using multiple senses in any learning environment allows you more cognitive connections, which, in turn, makes you think deeply and understand concepts from all possible perspectives. You also acquire multiple problem-solving skills, skills that come in handy when solving complex Physics problems.

4. They demonstrate procedures impressively well

Physics is procedural in nature. Its procedures are comprehensive, so you need to be good in mastery learning in order to understand them. And because they are complex, you may not be able to understand everything in one take. You will need to reference it over and over again. Videos are great in that you can always replay and reference any procedural demonstration, unlike in a traditional classroom where you are forced to grasp as much as possible within a 1-hour lecture.


Video tutorials are quickly becoming a necessity in teaching and learning science. You will definitely find more value in watching a Physics video tutorial than reading static information in a book or listening to a boring 2-hour lecture. Whether you are a visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner, video-based learning will work impressively well for you.

TikTok— over 500 million active users within 3 years

TikTok—you may not have heard of it yet, but you will.

TikTok—you may not have heard of it yet, but you will. The video app, where users can upload and watch funny videos and interact with other users, seems to have taken over the internet! As with most social media, TikTok is wildly popular with young people, and while the app has age restrictions, they don’t verify users ages, so many younger children are using it as well. Knowing this, TikTok is releasing a “family safety mode,” which will give parents the option to exert a little bit more control over what their children are seeing and who they are engaging with on the app.

With this new model, parents can link their child’s TikTok to their own account and start protecting their children in three ways:

1.) Enable “restricted mode” which automatically blocks inappropriate videos.

2.) Block messages entirely, or allow messaging between their children and friends only.

3.) Set limits on how long their children are allowed to use the app.

Learn more about TikTok and how to set up parental controls for your children by reading the original article: TikTok ‘family safety mode’ gives parents some app control.  Click here to read the full article.

What can Gryphon do to help?

In addition to using the “family safety mode” from TikTok, you can also use Gryphon to completely block the app during Homework time.

This content is a summary of an article published by BBC on February 19, 2020

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