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6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Wireless Router

Blink Blink Blink

Well, that’s your Wi-Fi speaking! In this era of technological advancement, everything has evolved into a better version.

Be it your smartphone, your laptops, or the components installed inside of them; everything has been revamped to serve humankind better.

What’s trendy today is obsolete tomorrow. That has been the norm in this 21st-century tech-enabled world. Every six months, you get a better version of your handy smartphones. A smarter update with more advanced features is ready to download itself onto your phone’s memory every now and then.

Ever thought about that box that constantly blinks? Well, that will be your wireless router, and that’s no big deal. It’s just that it runs your life in a manner, so to speak, by channeling your smart devices to the World Wide Web!

It still looks as if it’s from the past, and has somehow managed to time travel and reach the 21st century. Smarter is the norm in this data-driven world, and your wireless router certainly needs a revamped version.

So let’s dive deep into the why of this quandary!

Reasons to Upgrade Your Wireless Router

Well, there are plenty of reasons. If you take a moment to think about what you have to go through to set up your wireless network and to log in and make changes through the interface, having second thoughts is a strict no.

Take a look at some of the similar reasons listed below.

1. Enhanced Security

Do you want to bring a sword to a gunfight? No, right? In this data-driven digital world, the physical presence of things has been very much limited. Everything and anything you need is there on the World Wide Web. From your banking services to your car booking services, everything is connected to the internet for better customer experience, and most importantly, real-time experiences.

In this fast-paced world, what’s catching up even faster is the crime rates. Unethical hackers are the new criminals in this digital age. Information is power, and people can ask for ransoms even when it’s not within the limits of the intended user.

Cybercrimes are commonplace. Hence, apart from a secure password, what else are you equipped with to tackle this threat? You can use your wireless router as your guardian angel, but only when it’s better equipped to provide enhanced network security.

Old wireless routers are not well-equipped to tackle the level of cybercrime that’s taking place, and thus, you need the best home router for Wi-Fi security. You can check out Gryphon as it creates one of the best security-focused mesh Wi-Fi routers currently available in the market.

In the era of smart devices, almost everything is connected to the internet. You have an antivirus for your computer, but what about the other devices? It’s time to equip your router with an easy to manage security cover to help prevent information theft & other malpractices and provide an enhanced security experience.

2. Better Wi-Fi speed

There might have been countless incidents where your internet has choked during vital periods. Whether you are streaming Netflix or simply downloading a doc file, there have been problems popping up due to the connection speed.

The next thing you do is call your service provider and blame him for everything. Well, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s not always his fault. The reason why you might have done this is that you are probably unaware of the distinction between the Wi-Fi speed, and the internet speed.

Yes, those are two different things. Your internet speed is determined by the Internet Service Provider depending upon the packs you choose, among other variables. Your Wi-Fi speed is determined by the type of router you use.

One simple question. Do you expect your grandparents to run as fast as you can? The answer is a simple no, right? That’s the case with your Wi-Fi devices as well. You obviously can’t expect more speed from your old, outdated router. This is the reason why you need to consider changing your Wi-Fi router. Speed is the king, and nobody wants to sit for hours for something that can be done in minutes.

3. Parental Controls

The internet is a big pile of data, and there are numerous websites with unique content plastered all over them. You can’t possibly know which sites hold what kind of information, and neither does your kid.

Presently, where the digital world has dominated the real world, the internet is omnipresent, and its dominance is unprecedented. It’s becoming increasingly challenging for the parents to keep up with the trends in technology, making it natural to worry about what your kid might be surfing on the internet.

Parenting is even more challenging in the dot com era. Your old Wi-Fi router is not an ally, to say the least. The complex to understand interface will hardly let you peek into your child’s activities, let alone keeping a tab on them. The latest in Wi-Fi routers come with easy to use interface and parental control system.

The new routers come with an array of features, ranging from setting maturity ratings for individual users to getting quick alerts when your child is about to view something suspicious, giving you ultimate control.

4. Router Apps

Ever tried to log into your router’s admin panel? Well, the pain is absolutely real and nagging, to say the least. You certainly feel that it’s out of your realm of understanding until a tech-savvy technician, who knows the in’s and out’s of that blinker box, comes and helps you out.

With the evolution of technology, the main focus is on simplifying the apps for the not so tech-savvy individuals. Even the smallest change, like setting a new password for your Wi-Fi, needs a whole lot of menu exploration, consuming both time and patience.

The new age of routers is a total game-changer when it comes to being user-friendly. With just a few clicks, everything can be managed as per the user’s discretion. Thus, reiterating the need for a new wireless router.

5. Enable/Disable Network on Your Command

Attention Deficit Syndrome is a growing concern in the digital world where the internet is ruling over everything and anything that needs connectivity and electricity. With the rise of social media and OTT platforms, kids are more distracted than ever. To them, it’s like a whole new world inside a gadget, and they are in no mood to tolerate any external elements.

As a parent, how likely are you to get a response when calling out to your kids by name? Well, not very likely. So what do you do to grab their attention? You cut the line that’s hogging their attention. Yes, that internet line.

The new age of wireless routers is equipped with trendy features that let you do cool stuff with just a few taps. Enable or disable the network on your command via associated apps linked to your router. You can even set up pre-determined online allowances for better internet budgeting. The experience is almost magical!

6. Curb out the Dead zones

No network, no signal! It’s undeniably frustrating when you have to face this dead zone warning. If you think about the number of gadgets in your house needing internet connectivity, you’ll find one in every corner of your home. Now, the traditional routers can cover only to an extent, and thus the creation of dead zones in the house is prevalent.

The idea of keeping two Wi-Fi routers for covering your entire house is absurd. So what you can do is simply replace the existing older version with a newer model, which is better equipped to provide robust network signals and hassle-free internet experience.

The problem can be tackled by using one of the two solutions available in the market. The first one is More Intelligent Aerial Design; these types of devices emit robust multi-directional signals to cover every corner, thereby curbing out the dead zones in the house.

The other transforming design comes in the form of Wi-Fi mesh networks; at the core of this design is an infrastructure of nodes that are wirelessly tied to each other. However, the best in the game is undoubtedly the Gryphon WiFi mesh network router that provides seamless internet experience to its users.


The wheel of change is moving fast. And be it your smartphone or smart TV; everything has been revamped for better customer experience. The need of the hour is to update your wireless router with a robust revamped version that’s better equipped to prevail in the age of increasing cyber theft and of hyper-personalized experience.

The latest wireless network routers come with user-friendly apps, enhanced speed, and better network penetration, eradicating the dead zones in the house and serving the user with impeccable internet experience.

The Gryphon’s wireless mesh network router is a game-changer in the industry. This is because we deliver on all the six essential factors that your latest Wi-Fi router should be equipped with, thereby providing the users with the best returns on their router expenditure.


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