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February 11, 2022

How Much Screen Time is Too Much for Kids?

For today’s parents, screen time is really a two-edged sword when it comes to raising kids. In one sense, smartphones, tablets, and TVs offer a reliable, convenient way to keep kids occupied during downtime. It’s like a free pass, allowing grown-ups to kick back and relax for a few precious hours now and then. On […]

February 4, 2022

10 Ways to Teach Your Child Not to Talk to Strangers Online

It’s part of nearly everyone’s childhood experience: we learn about things like “stranger danger” and how we should always be cautious around adults we don’t already know. Kids generally have a good sense of who is safe and who might pose a threat in the real world, but these signals are not as reliable as […]

January 28, 2022

11 Online Risks Parents Should Be Informed About

While many parents have a carefree attitude about how their kids use the web, it’s clear that more thought and effort needs to go into digital parenting in the current era. The internet hasn’t been around for long. Still, it plays a central role in our lives and our children’s lives as they experience education, […]

January 21, 2022

Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

Every generation has a classic movie franchise, an episodic TV show, or a game that sets a new standard for what’s to come. For the current generation of young people, Roblox is that thing, with over 200 million active users, mostly under 16. Let’s talk about the fundamentals of Roblox for kids, some potential issues […]

December 7, 2021

Types of Parental Controls: Everything You Need To Know

As if parenting wasn’t already tough enough, today’s parents now need to contend with the many challenges technology presents when raising children. It’s no longer just a matter of basic supervision and ground rules as the foundations of strong parenting. The rise of the internet and digital devices, like the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, […]

December 6, 2021

How To Set Up Parental Controls for Your Kid’s Internet Usage

Technology is a blessing and a curse for modern parents. In one sense, it’s super easy to just set your kids up with an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, tablet, or game console to keep them occupied for hours at a time. However, screens can be addicting, and the internet isn’t exactly a […]

December 5, 2021

How To Block Websites From Your Child

Educational websites for kids of all ages can be valuable for their development. Our favorite websites are loaded with knowledge and present opportunities to explore new ideas and absorb information. But for all the great websites we’ve bookmarked over time, there’s a long list of websites that should be blocked on your home network. These […]

December 4, 2021

How Do I Restrict My Child’s Internet Access?

The internet is a goldmine of opportunity, from education and information to social experiences and entertainment. Just look at the current generation of internet native kids who already know the ins and outs of the web on a range of high-tech devices like iPhones, iPads, and other iOS or Apple devices. But for all the […]

December 3, 2021

10 Tips for Setting Up Parental Controls on Google Chrome

Google Chrome won the battle of the internet browsers years ago, and now the software is ingrained as part of our daily lives in many ways. We use Chrome to navigate tasks for work, manage our finances online, engage with others on social media, and access entertainment and games to unwind at the end of […]

December 2, 2021

12 Tips for How To Break Child’s Screen Addiction

Screen addiction is one of those widespread problems lurking just under the surface, yet nobody seems to want to talk about it. As a society, we’re constantly attached to our smartphones, laptops, and tablets throughout the day, whether it’s a matter of productivity, digital media consumption, entertainment, or even socializing. The issue is even worse […]


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