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Why WPA3 is set to be a huge leap forward for the security of wireless networks

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If you’re unclear about how this recent announcement affects your in-home security, read on. What is WPA3? WPA3 is the third generation of wireless protection for WiFi routers. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is the protocol and encryption that protects the wireless communication between your laptop or phone to the WiFi router. Without it, anyone within the distance…
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Virus Attacking Routers Much Worse Than First Thought

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There is a new computer virus that is not targeting your computer but rather the router that sits innocently in the corner of your house.  The virus is called VPNFilter and was first disclosed by Cisco Talos a couple of weeks ago.  It has already infected over 500K networking devices and has prompted the FBI…
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5 Internet Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids and Home Safe Online

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Though intended to make our lives easier, the internet can expose kids to unwanted dangers. And while many of us know about the risks of online predators and social apps that can threaten our child’s privacy, there are also a few risks you may not have considered.  Internet safety should be on everyone's radar. The average…
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Why we started Gryphon

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  Hello, Thanks for joining us on this journey.  We started Gryphon because we believe there is a better way to keep our kids safe online in today's connected world.   I have two daughters and having Gryphons in our home has made a difference.   We can't be everywhere, but we know that when…
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