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Turn wifi zones into high five zones

Balancing screen time with family time is hard. Gryphon makes it easy.


Just plug it in and go

Gryphon is a new kind of easy

There’s no complicated software to install on your connected devices – all security features come built into the Gryphon router. All you need to do is simply tap to automatically install one app on either your iOS or Android mobile device.


Uncompromised connection

The Gryphon router offers a powerful WiFi system with 3Gbps and Tri-Band Radio. This makes it possible for both older and newer devices to connect to it, and gives each device its own data stream. This means less congestion, and faster internet streaming.

Unparalleled coverage

Gryphon also offers 3000 sq.ft of coverage. One Gryphon offers enough coverage for an average sized home, while two offer complete coverage for a larger home and the backyard too. Wireless Mesh technology ensures the whole house is covered without any dead spots.

Network Health Monitoring

Ensure your network is operating at the highest speeds and your smart things are connected safely online.

"The coolest feature is the ability to allow or deny real time requests"

"Gryphon uses machine learning to cut off devices if they start acting in unusual ways"

"Gryphon is a plug-and-play alternative that gives parents more control over the internet access that takes place under their roof."

Protect Your
Connected Family

Gryphon makes it easy for you to take control of your connected home


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